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The Most Exuberant CouchSurf Ambassador in Philadelphia

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That's it, there's no question about it: Powelton Village's CouchSurfing maven Jóli Reichel is ready to rock your world with her dynamism, love of life and fondness for the letter E. Above, Jóli with friends, awkwardly but engagingly gesturing at you to come stay in Philly. After the jump, Jóli working on what resembles the Germantown Ave. Mural Arts project designed by Dutch artists Haas & Hahn—again, exuberantly.

Here's how Joli describes herself, along with a photo that she has on her CouchSurf profile page:

· eager

· ebullient
· eccentric
· educated
· eeeee!
· effervescent
· egregious (in the archaic sense)
· ehhhh....
· eidetic
· ejection-seat-esque
· eke (!)
· elastic
· emboldening
· enigmatic
· *-eous
· epicurean
· equanimous
· erudite
· esculent
· ethereal
· eudaemonic
· evolved
· EW
· eye-opening
· e-z 2 talk 2 ;)

Here is how people describe her:

"...she stole a part of me..." "she was born inside my heart, and i in hers"

"The other half of my hand-heart. "

"she dug a pony in Prague"

"She's that tall golden Tsunami wave of smiling enthusiasm"

And it looks like she's turning everyone on to Philadelphia's art scene and the city in general. Check out this reference: Joli is amaaazing! ... She radiates energy and love, is super smart and funny and generous and inviting and just so much fun. She even led a ton of CSers on a tour of the Art Museum during the couch crash. Staying with her was a really wonderful welcome to Philly and I felt instantly at home. Joli, thank you for everything and, though things could definitely change, I'm leaning towards Philly for my new home! And from another person she hosted:
Thank you so much for a great time in Philly. I may someday move to that city. And another:
We had a very fun time together from art exhibits in warehouses to gelato in the piazza and tour de manayunk bike races which who knew are extreamly entertaining to cheesesteaks gremlins and open mic comedy. And yet another:
Also she was very passionate about Philadelphia and made sure I had an awesome time exploring the city and otherwise. And yet another of about 1,000 positive references:
She took the time to give us a great tour through the Art Museum with wonderful stories. During the evening she took us to the best bars in town and we had lots of fun. And from a Brazilian Surfer:
Joli is as bright as a baked potato in a microwave... but if like... you forgot to take off the tin foil and there were lightning bolts flying off it... and then you're like oh crap my kitchen is on fire! That's how bright she is! Oh, and did we mention that her "couch" is actually an indoor tent next to a log cabin Jóli, wherever you're traveling right now, we salute you because you spread the Philly love maybe better than any other single person we've ever read about. Keep on keeping on.

Jóli Reichel [CouchSurfing]