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Mt. Airy Manor With Trippy Life-Sized Rainbow Elephant

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Last year Hidden City featured this elephant at the corner of West Mount Airy Avenue, explaining it was part of a 2006 public art charity project, “AbZOOlutely Chestnut Hill.” The project featured the participation of 10 Philadelphia-area architecture firms, including Krieger & Associates, EwingCole, Cope-Linder, BLT Architects, H2L2 Architects, Ballinger and Venturi, Scott Brown. This elephant wasn't one of the architecture firm's contributions, which were uniformly less colorful. Apart from the elephant, which strikes a contemporary note, the house is not very modern—it's described as an "English Cotswold Manor House." The kitchen needs a major update, but the interior Cotswoldsian (we guess) molding and stone details are indeed lovely.

Size: 9 beds, 5 baths, 5,440 square feet
Price: $820,000
Recent chop: $15,000
Floor-junkie bonuses: Indoor slate steps, library with cork flooring, hand-scraped flooring elsewhere
Outdoor space: Balcony, gardens, lily pond

· Listing: 7201 Greene St [Coldwell Banker Pref]