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Moira Johnston's Boobs Clarify Their Position

A few weeks ago we told you about New York-based activist Moira Johnston who walks around without a shirt on to raise awareness about women's rights to go topless in public. In a recent visit to Philly, she took her boobs for a stroll down South Street, and we assumed—given that police officers were told to leave her alone—that the laws were the same in Pennsylvania as in New York. Not so. Yesterday Johnston wrote to clarify that while it is legal to go topless here, it's not legal to show nipples. "I walked in public topless on the streets of Philadelphia," Johnston wrote, "while wearing pasties."

That brought up another question: Where does one get pasties these days? Johnston gave us the Philly lowdown on local pasties options, which are quite varied.

Johnston explains:

Pasties are conveniently available at several of the shops on South Street!
The Mood, Lady Love, and E Zone are just a few! Sometimes they are bulky (like sequins) and are applied with accompanying glue. Designed for multi-use. ($6 at The Mood). Others are basically made from fabric- I like the nude ones that come in a 10 pack for about $10 at Lady Love. Then there are more fancy decorative options that are way more expensive and designed for one-time use (colorful fabric/lace at $20 for 2 pairs)-though I guess they could be reused by simply reapplying an adhesive. They even have a water-proof selection, which would be great for swimming...

In addition, one can simply use sparkly glue found from an arts and craft store. It's cute and it peels off easily after use (also a very affordable option). Contact paper (the solid-colored variety) can be used, or clear contact paper that has been decorated by you! :)

For more, you can visit Johnston's Facebook page.

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