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"My Brother Doesn't Give a F*** About the Water Main Break"

This photo of a Philly redditor's brother mid-step-dance was posted—with the title above— during the Great Graduate Hospital Water Main Break of 2012, which flooded the blocks around 21st and Bainbridge last night. And we're talking flooded. From the Inquirer:

Raheem Foster, 32, who lives in the neighborhood... said the water started coming up "like a river going down 21st Street." In some places, the water was knee deep with a south-flowing current. The basemen [sic] in one house was fileld [sic] to the ceiling to the water.

People were evacuated from a three to four block radius and taken by the Red Cross to an emergency shelter. We mean no disrespect when we say the city's emergency management professionals and the Red Cross must have been a little excited to be involved in a flood-related evacuation in GradHo, of all places. How often does that happen?

And then there's this from 6ABC:

The fire department brought in boats to aid int he evacuation, but they weren't needed in the end. Most residents were able to evacuate on their own. That's rather adorable, if you think about it—that they brought out the boats. Someone should have gotten in one, wearing a life jacket and clinging to a bedraggled Yorkie, just to make them feel better.

Instead, a redditor's brother did a jig in the street.
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