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Mind-Blowing Brownstone Mansion With Pedicure Stations

When a listing says a property is "a must see to believe," a reasonable response might be to stifle a yawn. Not because there aren't incredible properties all over the city, but because it's often the underwhelming properties that are hyped that way. But we have to hand it to Nancy Alperin over at Maxwell Realty: That's not hyperbole for this one, in part because the decor of the business that currently occupies the first and second floors of the house, Salon Royale Court, is so exquisitely wacky. (Salon owner Michael Sparano also owns the building.) Given that the business currently looks like a home, it would be pretty easy to turn the whole property into an Edith Wharton-y residence and forget the business was ever there—though the pedicure stations are the prettiest we've ever seen. Maybe you can strike a deal. Size: 4 beds, 3.5 baths, 7,375 square feet
Parking: 3-car parking attached to house
Price: $2,650,000
· Listing: 1822 Spruce Street [Redfin]