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A Luxury Log Cabin in for $3.5 Million? Poor Daniel Boone!

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Pennsylvania-born frontiersman Daniel Boone simply couldn't have imagined such luxury—well, perhaps the nine acres wouldn't have shocked him, but a gymnasium with a vaulted ceiling perfect for a pickup game? A pool area that takes residents from Wyoming Ranchville to Hawaiian paradise? A "floating staircase"? A media room? La Puerta who? Nor could he have imagined the confluence of geographical locations that made this house possible: the logs from Montana, the fieldstone flooring from Tennessee, the Vermont soapstone counters. The house is an American-West fetishist's dream. And it's all ... in Conshohocken.

Size: 4 beds, 5.1 baths, 8,463 square feet
Price: $3.5 million
· Listing: 2168 Harts Lane, Conshohocken [Prudential Fox & Roach]