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Murano Launches Campaign to Sell Remaining Units

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The Murano high-rise at 21st and Market is 81 percent sold out, and now it's on, baby, to sell the remaining 19 percent. Broker Joanne Davidow has flooded the MLS with Murano listings and launched a new ad campaign to highlight the building's perks. One she's especially emphatic about: on-site garage parking with no valet—so you don't have to worry about nicks in the paint or changes to your seat/mirrors/steering wheel calibration. The remaining units will sell for between $469,000 and $2,950,000, with various configurations and depending on the view.

To see what a Murano unit looks like once furnished, check out some photos of a two-bedroom unit, 1,256 square feet, currently being offered as a rental for $3,600 per month. The building has 42 floors, and this apartment is on the eighth.

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