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Scottish Fold-Friendly Rentals Are Trending Up

Though it sounds like a distinctive way of wrapping your cummerbund, a Scottish Fold is actually an odd-looking cat with ears that lie flat on their heads. It makes the cats look round and stupid and irresistible, which is why it's tough if a landlord says no cats allowed, or charges an exorbitant fee. Fortunately, pet-friendly rentals seem to be trending upward, according to a new survey—and that's good news for PA, one of the most pet-populous states in the country.

Other tidbits:

Nearly 70 percent of renters surveyed reported having no difficulties finding a pet-friendly apartment. More than half of respondents also reported having to pay a pet deposit at their current residence, with 36 percent shelling out more than $200 for their four-legged companions.

More than 34 percent of respondents said although they do not have a pet, they enjoy living in a pet-friendly building, and 20 percent of non-pet owning renters said they avoid buildings that allow pets.

Here's the cool graphic thing: