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BroLibs vs. NoLibs: Who Should Win the Neighborhood?

According to philebrity, the people who occupy the NoLibs of Northern Liberties are the ones who write on message boards to complain the SuperFresh isn't a Whole Foods. They can be annoying and elitist, but they are a community.

The people who occupy the BroLibs of Northern Liberties are the ones who feel no sense of investment in the community, and treat the neighborhood like a fratty theme park where they get their party on with their unbearable bros.

Currently, the two groups live side by side, but it won't always be thus.

According to the folks over at philebs:

Like the favored dog of the bros, the bulldog, each generation of bros has a short life span. The bros that are currently living in My First Apartment In The City In The Piazza are, as we speak, morphing into other creatures: Many will become fathers and beat a hasty retreat back to the broburbs; still others will come out of the closet and be reborn as Mainstream Gays; and some will, God bless them, take notice of their surroundings, learn some things about the world and about themselves, and become our very favorite variety of post-Bro byproduct — The Reformed Bro. And that quick, a new generation of bros will come to the city, where it will become bro de rigueur to settle in, say, Fishtown, where they’ll simultaneously do better than the hipsters did there while also realizing how much work they really will have cut out for them there.

But here's our question: Is that the way things should go down?

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