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Mind-Boggling Interior Behind a Strict Modernist Facade

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This week we'll be featuring the interiors of the homes that were featured on this weekend's Philadelphia Modern Home Tours. It was the first time Philly was a featured Modern Home Tours city, and Curbed staff photographer Laura Kicey zoomed from North Philly to Chadds Ford to Mt. Airy to get pictures.

Photos by Laura Kicey.

This house was designed by late architect Otto Sperr in 1986 and redone in 2006. It has 8,000 square feet, four bedrooms, and four and a half baths. There's a marine theme throughout the home, including bubbles in the kitchen, jellyfish and sea-like waves in an adjacent sitting area, a sink that looks like an elongated starfish, and a bathroom with undulating walls of green tile. Unlike the other homes featured on the Modern Home Tours, this house is for sale—for $3,495,000—through Brandywine Fine Properties Sotheby’s International Realty. Does it come furnished with the jellyfish fixtures? That we don't know.