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Fishtown Man's Question Is Finally Answered

The Jackpot Cyber Center, whose owners collaborated with the New Kensington Development Corporation to be less shady, is now closed forever. City Paper's Samantha Melamed reports that a bill has been passed making it a misdemeanor offense "to own, operate, maintain or have a financial interest in an electronic gaming machine or sweepstakes through the use of a simulated gambling device." Oddly, however, Jackpot's owner didn't seem to understand that was the nature of his business when CP confronted him about it several months ago:

CP: "Oh. So [this business has] nothing to do with gambling?" JCC: "No! People from the neighborhood keep asking me that. Why are they asking me that?"

CP: "Uh... maybe because the name is 'Jackpot'?"

JCC: "What?! We just thought 'Jackpot' is a catchy name. What, now you can't call a business 'Jackpot'?"

Nope. Now you can't.

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