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UNMASKED: Philaphilia's GroJLart!

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Like Philadelphia Inquirer food critic Craig LaBan and other secretive Philadelphians before him, GroJLart—the built environment guru behind the website Philaphilia—has kept himself anonymous in order to better travel incognito and write without accusation of bias. And while LaBan worried about getting free meals and perks were restaurant owners to know what he looked like, GroJLart worried that someone might give him a building or parking lot to butter him up.

But now the building blogger has been unmasked on WHYY, and here's what we know: He has a head, a neck and shoulders. They are all brownish-beige. He is bald or else wears a bald cap with conviction. He does not have a heavy Philadelphia accent, which is a little disappointing. And he is not a robot.

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