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1 Bedroom in Center City High-Rise for Less Than $100K

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At first glance, $83,500 for an apartment in a Center City high-rise—on the 18th floor, no less—seems almost perversely inexpensive. And it may be, depending on how much certain caveats bother you. First there's the issue of it not having flooring. But if you're just going to pick up some discount Pergo or carpet squares, it might not be so bad. Another potential issue: what the listing calls the "retro" bathroom. Indeed it is, and while we think it's pretty cool, a young male on the prowl might not be into the bright pink tile.

Then there's the fact that it's a co-op, which has its definite pluses and minuses, one of which is that the co-op board has high standards about who lives there and who doesn't. In this case, the board requires that a buyer have two times the purchase price in assets, an income in the range of $25,000 per year and a good credit score. If you're comfortable with all that, you're going to love the location, 19th and JFK, and this price point to live there.

Size: 1 bed, 1 bath, 750 square feet
Parking: $90/month
Fees: $700/ month includes utilities, taxes, maintenance, and cable
Recent renovations: lobby, hallways, mail room, roof top deck
· Listing: 1900 JFK Boulevard, #1818 [Long & Foster]