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No Surprise Here: Philly Prefers Beer to Church [Updated]

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Map gurus Floating Sheep honored the Fourth of July by exploring "some of the regional differences that are rending the fabric of society make America great." One such difference is between areas that prize church over beer, at least conversationally, and you won't be surprised to learn which camp Philadelphia falls into. Here's what Floating Sheep based the map on:

...we selected all geotagged tweets[1] sent within the continental US between June 22 and June 28 (about 10 million in total) and extracted all tweets containing the word "church" (17,686 tweets of which half originated on Sunday) or "beer" (14,405 tweets which are much more evenly distributed throughout the week). Make of that what you will. [Update: BUT WAIT! We obviously drank too much Yuengling before we read this map. Because LOOK here...]

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