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Louis Kahn's Fisher House Officially on the Market [UPDATED]

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We wrote not long ago about the amazing Louis Kahn house built for the Fisher family in Hatboro—a labor of love it took the famous architect seven years to complete. Now the National Trust for Historic Preservation has announced the Fisher-Kahn House is officially on the market, though the family moved out some time ago. The home's owner, Norman Fisher, gifted the home to the Trust as caretaker of its historical and architectural legacy. The landscape, including the bridge that crosses the flowing creek, will have a preservation easement. We know there are those who see photos of Kahn's homes and feel a little empty. It's not the same as seeing vintage photographs of Horace Trumbauer's Lynnewood Hall, we realize, with its obvious grandeur. But to appreciate Kahn's genius, it's sometimes helpful to experience a property in person—not just its interior, but the exterior and surrounding landscape. If you'd like to see what we mean, there's an open house on July 18th. The property costs $600,000.

Currently, the only other Kahn residential property in the area—the Esherick House—is still on the market in Chestnut Hill.

There's an open house on July 18 from 4 to 8 p.m., which is a good time to see the house. It shines in dusk.

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Fisher-Kahn House

197 East Mill Road, Hatboro , PA