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Is Harrison Ford Living at the Rittenhouse Plaza?

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Harrison Ford is in town for the film Paranoia that co-stars Gary Oldman and Liam Hemsworth. There's a casting call out for extras if you want to get close to him, or you could just hang out around the pre-war co-op, the Rittenhouse Plaza at 1901 Walnut Street, where, sources tell us, Ford will be living while he's in town. (The building has high-end rentals of several of the apartments for sale.) Other prominent actors in the film: Lucas Till, Embeth Davidtz, Amber Heard and last-minute addition Julian McMahon. We don't know where they're all staying.

A rental at the building that's listed right now is $6,000 per month for 2,400 square feet—hardly the kind of price that stars typically shell out to rent when they're in Philly to film. Perhaps Ford is a low-key kind of guy. Or it may be that they're simply filming there, and he's staying elsewhere.

The thriller is based on a novel, The Finder, in which the main character (Hemsworth) makes a Mephistophelian bargain with a high-stakes businessman who has dirt on him. If he does the man's bidding, his secret is safe. But the what the man wants him to do is criminal, so...therein lies the moral dilemma. The film's director is Australian Robert Luketic, who made the film Killers with Katherine Heigel and Ashton Kutcher, among other things.

The question: Will Ford cruise the pop-up garden next to the Rittenhouse Plaza? Will he hunker down at La Colombe on the other side of the building? Time will tell.