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This Child Will Hop on the Bed Until You Put In an Offer

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Yes, it's true: This little girl has pledged to hop up and down, day and night, until this property sells. Now, if she were older and could articulate her opinions with more finesse, she'd probably tell the broker that big letters over photos don't really help buyers. Nor do photos of trash piled up (looking at you, Unit 1, bedrooms 2 and 3), which is the opposite of staging ("traging"?). Of course she can't do anything about the plastic slipcovers in Unit 1 because she's teensy; she has to leave such questions to the adults. So she does the only thing a small person can do in this situation: she hops.

Size: Three multilevel units (two occupied by longtime tenants). 3,744 square feet total. Unit 1: 3 beds, 2 baths. Unit 2: 3 beds, 1.5 bath.
Extra space: Garage, basement.
Price: $129,000
Word to the wise: Rents are currently below market; property needs work.
· Listing: 2924 W. Oxford Street [Common Ground]