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Dyson Opens First U.S. Store Outside of Chicago

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Dyson—manufacturers of high-tech, upscale vacuums so pretty you want to lick them—has opened a hybrid facility in King of Prussia, across from the mall, the company's first U.S. venture outside of Chicago. Dyson's Valerie Silvis explains that it's more than just a store: "It is part showroom, part service center," she says. "Machines are available to play with and purchase, and Dyson owners can pop by if their vacuum needs any maintenance or repairs." (Are machines available to lick? She didn't say.)

Dyson is kind of like the Macintosh of vacuums: The company is driven by the vision of a technology/design guru; the products are attractive and expensive; and the company likes to be first to the market with new concepts. This facility even sounds like an Apple store: It'll have a testing area where customers can play with products, and a Dysonized genius bar where employees will help customers with their vacuums on the spot. Bring your vacuum in and get a loaner if it needs to stay overnight.

We asked Silvis why Dyson chose the Philadelphia area for its first U.S. expansion. She referred us to Ryan Stanard, VP of Customer Care, who explained: "There are a huge number of Dyson owners in the Philadelphia area. We want to give more people the chance to get hands on with our technology." But King of Prussia? "Right across from the largest mall on the East Coast is an ideal location." He has a point.

This is the store's opening weekend, so careful not to get jostled by the aficionados.