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Home With Basement Bingo Parlor in the Northeast

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The listing for this home says it's "a versatile home to meet today's demanding obligations!" If your obligations include hosting Grandma's bingo game on Sundays, that couldn't be more true. Aside from that, the in-law suite (inhabited, we suppose, by the woman seated in the doorway) is simply Traditional Hideous, with patterned velour couch and maroon lace window coverings, while other rooms—like the one with the striped wallpaper and the metal star on the wall—are obviously inhabited by someone who longs for more than a faux gilt-framed mirror above a dried-blood-brown recliner.

And then there's the Phillies Phanatic, who in this photo seems to be lying in a lusty posture, waiting for a pretty lady to walk by. Maybe Grandma.

Size: 4 beds, 2.5 baths, 1,600 square feet
Price: $150,000
· Listing: 6739 Torresdale Avenue [Estately]