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Sunfield: The Most Cloistered Home in Philadelphia

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Photos via Trulia

This exquisite property was built in the early 1900s behind a stone wall. Walk on the grounds or on the periphery of the home, under a stone canopy, and you'll feel sheltered from the madding crowd. (To be fair, the madding crowd in Chestnut Hill isn't very madding, unless you cut in front of someone at Chestnut Hill Coffee Co.) There's plenty of room in this vast home for visitors or for the kids who come home from college and can't find a job because they majored in Creative Performance Expression at Reed or Oberlin or one of those hippie colleges with unbelievably high tuition. Aside from those children, the property is removed from stress and utterly serene—quite cloistered.

Size: 7 beds, 5.5 baths, 10,000 square feet
Outdoors: 2.76 acres with mature trees, specimen plantings and gardens
Parking: Two-car garage with guest apartment; separate multi-car garage
Extra space: Separate wing for au pair, in-laws, or twentysomething who just won't leave
Price: $1,875,000
· Listing: Sunfield [Trulia]