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Have Something to Say to the Streets Department?

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ITALIAN MARKET—Artist Joe Boruchow, whose artwork you've likely seen on walls, album covers, mailboxes, a piano (for University City District's Heart and Soul), and countless other unconventional spots—taught kids at Fleisher's Teen Lounge this summer in a class called Black, White & Blow-up. The class culminated in the students putting their own posters on the walls of Philadelphia's Italian Market area, and thus another generation of wheatpasting street artists was born. [Curbed Inbox]

THE INTERNET—If you've been wanting to sound off about Philly streets—design, condition, changes—now's the time. The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) and the Streets Department have released a draft of the Complete Streets Design Handbook for public comment. The handbook lists existing policies, recommends changes, and offers project review checklists, among other things. The comment period closes Oct. 1, 2012. No kvetching allowed after that. [Curbed Inbox]
THE INTERNET—Speaking of MOTU, we feel the need to make you aware of MOTUnes Mondays, the day each week when our city agency features a song about transportation on its blog. Today's tune? Simon & Garfunkel's "America." If you have ideas for other transportation-related tunes, we're guessing that's open to public comment as well. [MOTU]
THE INTERNET—Remember when you found out that L&I employees were getting uniforms, and you were all, "They don't have uniforms?" Well, they didn't have a good website either. But today marks the official debut of L&I's new and improved website, and as much fun as it is to take the piss out of something, the website is in fact a huge improvement. Just another step toward the rehabilitation of a city agency that was once an utter laughingstock. [Curbed Inbox]