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Award-Winning Qb3 Design's Old City Townhome

This three-story townhome, originally built in 1852, was transformed by Qb3 Design into a modern two-bedroom with 15-foot high ceilings and a frameless glass paneled shower. We note the shower because it's very appealing, as is the other bathroom, with its wooden tub and seafoam green tiles. In fact, the entire house is, as the listing asserts, "magazine quality." Cuthbert is a lovely little cobblestone street—and when we say little, we mean extremely minuscule. It's not one of those houses on a highway where you have to worry about your child getting run down, unless it's by a drunken weekend Old City reveler, who's come over to Cuthbert to throw up or make out with someone they don't really know. (Unlikely, but one never knows.) Though the price seems high, it's explained by the combination of the remarkable design, the location and the historic appeal of the street.

Size: 2 beds, 2.5 baths, 1,722 square feet
Parking: Street, but not Cuthbert Street
Outdoor space: Third-floor deck, rear courtyard
Extras: Gel-fueld fireplace, barrel-vaulted basement, wine cellar
Price: $952,000
· Listing: 128 Cuthbert Street [Plumer & Associates]