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Paine's Park Alert: In Honor of Your Favorite Half-Pipe

Image of park with various opportunities to have your name on stuff.
Image of park with various opportunities to have your name on stuff.

The idea for Paine's Park, planned for the banks of the Schuylkill River next to the River Trail close to the Art Museum, is that it'll be the nation's largest urban-style skatepark. It'll be a space where kids have all kinds of educational opportunities, and will be friendly to adults too. As a Paine's Park spokesperson puts it, "everyone from bunnies to groms to hardcore skaters (and their grandmas) can be part of it!"*

The Paine's Park dream came one step closer to reality last month with the approval of the Philadelphia Art Commission. So now, for those who like their names on things, there's an opportunity to sponsor bricks, benches and plaques. While it's not like being Sidney Kimmel, being a 10-year skatepark sponsor does entitle you to having your name on an exclusive granite bench from Dilworth Plaza or LOVE Park (cost: $10,000). If you're less flush, you can go for the least expensive option: your name on a brick (cost: $225).

To apply for naming rights, fill out this form.

*It's okay that you have no idea what Curt is talking about. Translation: "Bunnies" = board bunnies, aka, women who ride skateboards. "Groms" = grommets, aka newbie skaters.

· Art Commission gives nod to skateboard park, Avenue of the Arts light sculpture [PlanPhilly]

Dilworth Plaza

15th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA