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Invasion of the Parklets Continues

Remember when no one in Philadelphia had ever heard the word "parklet"? When you thought "Parklets" was the name of an all-girl doo-wop group that went around with the Chantels? Not anymore. These days everyone and his mother wants a parklet in their neighborhood. Next up: Logan, whose parklet—designed by members of the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects—will open in September in front of the neighborhood's library.

This parklet is one of the pilot parklets in the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities' Parklet Pilot Program. (We intend to use the word parklet until it's lost all meaning.) The construction of the parklet, set to start in a week or so, will cost money, so the Logan CDC has launched a Kickstarter campaign. Logan could use a parklet perhaps more than most neighborhoods in the city, and the plans—as articulated in the Kickstarter video—sound pretty terrific.

· Logan Community Development Corporation To Introduce A Pop-Up Parklet In September In Front Of North Philly’s Free Library Branch [uwishunu]