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Harrison Ford at Viñoly Estate and Rittenhouse Square

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You might recall that one of the most expensive properties in our area is Arbor Hill (above), the estate designed by Rafael Viñoly for Advanta CEO Dennis Alter at a rumored price tag of $80 million. The property was last listed at $30 million in July but has since been removed from the market, perhaps so that it could play a starring role in the film Paranoia, along with Richard Dreyfus, Liam Hemsworth and Harrison Ford. Though the film has been shooting around town already, everyone has been waiting for Indy to show up, and now he has—flying his own plane, says PhillyChitChat, into Philly International (how Han Solo of him). We did hear from a reliable source that Ford will be staying in the Rittenhouse Plaza while he's in town, but it's an odd choice, really, for a big star who by all accounts prefers to lay low. So we wonder. Meanwhile, the Plaza is undergoing significant improvements—new hallways, new entrance, new lotsa things. Will the combination of renovations and Harrison Ford bring higher prices for the co-op apartments? We shall see.