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Hottest Brokers, Day 4, Round 4! Phun vs. Niv

Welcome back to Hottest Brokers 2012, where every day is scorching. Today we've got a very tough match-up between Calvin Phun of Prudential Fox & Roach's Society Hill office and Keren Niv of Coldwell Banker Preferred's Old City office. Polls for this one will close at noon tomorrow. Let's get to know our contestants a bit better, shall we?

Name: Calvin Phun

Company: Prudential Fox and Roach- Society Hill

Hood: Center City

Your idea of perfect happiness: "To be with all my best friends on a weekend getaway at a lake house with no internet or cell phones."

If you could change one thing about your field, what would it be? "I would change the long days and weekend hours. I work 7 days a week and this job requires that I be on call most of the time. My life revolves around my clients' time off."

The quality you most admire in a buyer: "I admire buyers enthusiasm and energy when we start looking at homes. It’s a lot of fun and very satisfying to watch their eyes light up when they see a home they love."

Your favorite thing about Philadelphia: "Wow, this is a hard question. I would have to say the cultural diversity and its history."

Name: Keren Niv

Company: Coldwell Banker Preferred - Old City

Originally from: Israel

From her official biography: "My philosophy has long been to listen to, understand and fulfill the needs of people with whom I'm working, and to conduct with the utmost professionalism in all my dealings. I believe the needs of each individual can be met with honesty and hard work. By providing precise information and negotiating effectively, I can remove obstacles and save time. My clients rely upon me, knowing my focus and research will allow them to make the right choice in buying or selling a home. I know that only relationships rooted in trust and dependability can spell success."

Honors: Award Centennial Society Member, Award Chairmans Circle, Award International Diamond Society 2005

Okay, so who should advance?

Poll results

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