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Mugging Near the Piazza. What Does It Mean to Be Safe?

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A person posted on the forum reddit/philadelphia a couple days ago about being mugged while walking down West Wildey Street toward the Girard El station. He said he was sharing the experience with fellow redditors as a cautionary tale:

I'm really just posting this as a warning as I see a ton of girls walking alone that way since its a shortcut from the Girard Station to the Piazza. There have apparently been a lot of car break-in's the last few weeks on this block, so just beware of your surroundings. ...This was an area that is actually pretty populated and not where you'd expect it to happen. The post has resulted in a lot of comments about crime, Northern Liberties and the Piazza. You can easily anticipate the talking points because they are always the same when it comes to the question of Northern Liberties and crime.

Here are the reliable chestnuts:

1. Dude, there's crime in every neighborhood.
2. The problem is with [insert ethnic group].
3. Gentrification is evil and we're all complicit.
4. If you want to live in the suburbs, move.
5. blahblahblah, Point Breeze

That last one is important—if no one mentions Point Breeze, it's not an authentic NoLibs crime debate. Here's what we mean. Click on the image below to read a fragment of the reddit dustup:

· Got mugged near the Piazza at Schmidts yesterday [r/philadelphia]