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Hometown Hottie Renovates in Fishtown

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We're gearing up for our Hottest Broker contest, so we thought we'd get the ball rolling with mention of a local gal who—though not a broker—is 1.) doing something real estate-related, and 2.) pleasing to the eye. This way when the contest gets going, you'll be accustomed to the objectification of Philadelphians and won't shudder at our shallow values.

So let's talk about Rachel Yard, who's chronicling her Fishtown home renovation for xoJane's "It Happened to Me" series. (The photo is Yard's xoJane profile photo.) While other women have written about bad experiences birth control or dating, Yard is writing about the insanity of buying a complete and total mess of a house without doing an inspection first (cue ominous music).

Though the house is kind of cute from the outside, the inside is terrifying—much more so than the house bought by Curbed Philly's columnist Sarah DeGiorgis, whose home-buying decision inspired horrified comments from our readers. (Stay tuned for Sarah's next installment, in which she discovers paint costs a lot.) Not only is the house almost a shell, Yard's "handsomer half" has some kind of autoimmune illness that keeps him from doing the construction work he knows how to do. Oh dear.

For relief from the situation, Yard can take comfort in her hobbies, which are listed thusly: "hang with people I love, read, write stories & scripts, museums, cinema, people watch while drinking soy mochas." Oh, honey, you're going to need a lot of soy mochas to get through this.

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