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Gothic Castle in Overbrook Farms: 'A Renovator's Dream'

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This house in Overbrook Farms was built in 1925, though its designers were obviously mining an architectural history that precedes that. The exterior is kind of thrilling, actually, if you like Gothic Revival. But with three words, the Brokerbabble tips you off to the money you'll have to spend and the sweat that will drip from your brow. Those words? "A renovators dream." (Side note: Can someone please start a business in proofreading real estate listings? They could start by visiting the Land of Lost Apostrophes, where all the apostrophes are gathered, like Emperor penguins, bleating into the wind for their sentences.) This house has been in the same family for more than 50 years, and now, as the Brokerbabble attests, "this gracious home wants new owners who will cherish this architectural treasure." (Did the original owners not cherish appropriately?) It does have some truly lovely features, including the beamed ceiling in the living room, the fireplace, the bay windows, and the upstairs bathroom tub.

Size: 4 beds 3 baths, 3,524 square feet
Parking: detached garage
Extra space: unfinished basement
History detectives' bonus: Overbrook Farms is on the National Register of Historic Places
Price: $259,900
· Listing: 5985 Drexel Rd [Redfin]