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Artist Thomas Beckett's Camac Street Home

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Here now, From Curbed Marketplace, highlighting an intriguing pick from that spot at the top of the page that rotates listings and makes real estate junkies refresh and refresh and refresh the page until the trackpad is dotted with blood.

Fleisher faculty member Thomas Beckett taught ceramics, a discipline he brought to the school's curriculum, and he built a ceramics studio there. He was also exhibits manager at the Please Touch Museum, and was responsible for numerous high-profile projects like Aviation Play Station at the Philly airport. But before he died of smoking-related lung cancer in 2007, he got personal: He exhibited a work called My Addiction, a collage of Camel cigarette packs with CAT scans of his lungs.

Beckett's sweet house on Camac Street—between 12th and 13th on one side and Dickinson and Tasker on the other—is where Beckett lived and where he projected his aesthetic sense in a different way. The front door is a repurposed confessional door. The floor of the vestibule is a handcrafted mosaic. There's more mosaic glass in the upstairs bathroom. The ceilings are curved according to his design, and the entry to the closet in the master bedroom is through repurposed saloon doors. You can feel very True Grit when you go to pick out a shirt.

Size: 2 beds, 1 bath, 784 square feet
Outdoors: Private garden
Price: $265,000
· Listing:1523 Camac Street