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First Look: Designs for Chestnut Hill Foodie Paradise

The Chestnut Hill Farmers Market is getting a complete and total reboot, taking the 7,000-square-foot indoor market from a maze of crowded alleyways to a modern grid. The new market is being handled by Morrissey Design (the firm that's also working on the new SVU project). Aside from the shift to a grid, which is a huge change, the new market's vendor booths will be based on four different themes: plank, crate, wharf, and jig. Vendors will work directly with Morrissey to choose which design concept, textures, surfaces, and elements work best for their space.

The degree of personalization should make the market look interestingly diverse but there will also be an overall unified aesthetic. Here, for your consideration, are some renderings, of what the designers are calling a "modern general store."