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Lower Merion Is Precisely As Moneyed As You Think It Is

Money Magazine has released its 100 Best Places to Live rankings, and as usual our area makes the cut. No, not Philadelphia (the list is for small cities) but Abington, which comes in at No. 47, and Bensalem, coming in at No. 85. (The write-up for Bensalem is seriously depressing: "Best known for M. Night Shyamalan's movie Signs, which was filmed at a local warehouse, Bensalem is also home to the well-known Parx Casino and Racetrack." Talk about damning with faint praise.)

Our region does better in sub-categories. We hit the top 25 in the Top Earning Best Places to Live thanks to No 5 Lower Merion—the "well-rounded nest for well-heeled Pennsylvanians" (median family income: $153,309). And only six states in the country reached the top 25 Priciest Homes Best Places to Live: California, Connecticut, Massachussetts, New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania—once again, thanks to No. 20 Lower Merion, where the average home price is $553,498, the same as Brookline, Mass., but more than Yorba Linda, Calif.

Lower Merion did not make the cut, however, in the Rich and Single category. College students, it's time to boomerang!

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