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After 367 Days, What Will It Take for Spring Bank to Sell?

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It's a 7,500-square-foot property with 17 rooms, including seven bedrooms; four full bathrooms; and two half bathrooms. It's on more than one and a half acres of lush, green grounds a stone's throw from Wissahickon Park. It's the place where Edgar Allan Poe stayed where he wrote "Morning on the Wissahickon," perhaps the least disturbing work he ever cranked out. It was renovated by none other than Frank Furness. And finally, it's in a private, quiet patch of West Mt. Airy. Dear lord above! What more do buyers want?

Now Spring Bank is listed at just shy of $1 million, having dropped from $1,185,000 after a second price reduction. If you consider the buyer's psychology, this is probably a good move. A home that's more than a million dollars feels so much more extravagant than one that's under a million, even if it's $995,500.

At any rate, we wish the best of luck to you, Spring Bank. While you're waiting for a buyer, you might want to invite a depressed poet for a visit. You never know what will come out of it.

· Listing: 6700 Wissahickon Ave. [Long & Foster]
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