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We Are Rendered Speechless By This Decor

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We generally don't use the names of the homeowners when we write about decor, but in this case, the homeowners in question—Marty and Jane Abo—have actually come forward to admit that this wacky interior is their responsibility. From the Inquirer:

When they spotted their current home, a builder's spec house, they liked the location but weren't crazy about the overall design and had a limited budget. That's when Marty and Jane began seeking the whimsical, the sometimes wild, and, almost always, the unexpected.

"We definitely didn't do what our friends did - go out and buy sensible furniture," recalls Marty, whose eyes still twinkle at the notion that this house was never going to be conventional.

It's unconventional, all right. We strongly urge all Curbed readers to travel to the gallery posthaste.

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