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Pretty Terrific 2BR Rental in Bella Vista for Less Than $1,500

For renters, this apartment pretty much has it all: superb location, two levels, pets allowed, washer/dryer, rooftop-hangout access, and immediate availability. Now, we're not saying it's perfect: Though the listing touts six closets, they're not deep closets and they have those crappy doors. And the space is laid out kinda funny, with the kitchen kind of in the living area, and the appliances aren't even close to top-of-the-line. But come on! Look at those floors. Think of the spacious feeling a bi-level apartment affords. Imagine taking friends onto the roof to watch fireworks. Think of a hangover ameliorated by pancakes at the Morning Glory Diner.
Walk your dog in the park named for local pol/convicted felon Buddy Cianfrani, and laugh about Philadelphia's endless capacity for forgiveness. Have visiting family members who require higher-level digs stay at the nearby Philadelphia Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast. Walk just one block to Whole Foods or SuperFresh, depending on how much you love bulk legumes, or walk a few more blocks more to the Italian Market where produce costs what it probably should. Is not 10th and Bainbridge simply one of the best places to live in all of Philly? Tell us it's not.

Size: 2 beds, 1 bath, 1,100 square feet
· Listing: 726 S 10th St at Bainbridge [Craigslist]