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NoLibs Homeowner Makes Green Kitchen Out of Movie Sets

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When Matthew Emerson saw the 70-square-foot kitchen in his new Northern Liberties home, he decided something had to change. In fact, everything had to change. He and wife Courtney chose to gut the entire kitchen and work with Greensaw Design/Build to reconstruct the kitchen from the ground up.

The resulting design has just been featured on the website Jetson Green, and it's not hard to see why. Everything was done with an eye toward sustainability and reuse:

David Wing of Greensaw Design/Build built the cabinet boxes out of FSC-certified plywood and finished them with water- and soy-based oils. The cabinet faces are also a custom creation from locally-sourced, reclaimed cypress from Kennett Square mushroom beds acquired at Provenance Architectural Salvage." Other materials include 50% recycled-content Daltile floor tile, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, an in-cabinet compost bin, a backsplash made with 100% recyclable waxed steel plate (Bill Curran Design), a green roof (Urban Ecoforms), and countertops from reclaimed oak library tables.

Perhaps the quirkiest detail of the renovation is the framing made from movie sets. "One of the staff of Greensaw had worked on these sets, and when they were broken down they took the lumber back to their shop for use on a project," Emerson told us. We hope it wasn't an M. Night film—that could make a house downright spooky.

Emerson tells us they will be putting the house on the market soon. "We have our eyes on the next project house," he says, "so depending on how long that process takes (it's bank owned) will determine when we put our place for sale."

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