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Gallery: Going Dutch on Germantown Avenue

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Photos by Laura Kicey.

These photos of Germantown Avenue were taken last week. The yearlong residency of Haas & Hahn (aka Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn) won't be over until September, but they've gotten a lot of work on Philly Painting done—much of it with community help. In May, the New York Times Style Magazine featured the project, calling the street "a shabby commercial strip" situated "in a crime-ridden section of North Philadelphia." (Oh, do go on.) The article said the two artists have come to know once-skeptical residents, who now thank them for "giving so many of the brothers work" on the Mural Arts project. And what work it is. If only every neighborhood in Philly could get an overhaul this bright. · Color Block [City Paper]

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