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"A Great Story About the Noguchi Prismatic Tables"

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"Going through the pics, 'Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table' was my first thought as well. I love iconic pieces of classic modern design, but there are just too many examples in that space and it all feels too cliched, like the owner is trying to cover for a lack of design sense by buying pieces which everyone agrees are 'classics'.

"There's a great story about the Noguchi Prismatic tables: years ago, a MCM dealer found a pair of them at a flea market in north Jersey and bought them for not very much money. He knew they were something but he wasn't sure what. The seller didn't know anything about them. The dealer took them home, researched them, and found out that what he had were two prototypes Noguchi made for Alcoa which were never put into production.
"He put one of the tables up for auction and it brought $500K. He loaned the other to the Noguchi museum in NYC, who worked to get the design produced (hence the example above). And he went back to the flea market and gave the guy he bought the tables from a chunk of money as a 'Thank you', which is a solid most dealers wouldn't bother with.""—Robert Young ["Speaking of Modern: Maniacally Mid-Century in Wash West]