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"Land in Point Breeze Is So Cheap, It Costs Less Than a VCR"

Philadelinquency's Christopher Sawyer is not a guy who minces words, and today's story on developer Ori Feibush's battle to build in Point Breeze is no exception:

Ori Feibush is a young guy who had an idea: Point Breeze is close to transit and amenities, but it looks like fucking Beirut down there (our words, not his). Why hasn’t anybody been able to do anything with this neighborhood when it is completely surrounded by other neighborhoods on all sides which are doing well? Land in Point Breeze is so cheap, it costs less than a VCR. Maybe if I build some houses near the subway stops on some vacant lots, people will want to move in? Unfortunately for Feibush, who started OCF Realty as a result of what he noticed there, his rather simple idea has turned into nothing but trouble for him, including a dead dog left on his doorstep.

The latest challenge is that Feibush needs to get the title to land that doesn't, according to the city, exist, even though it does exist. And all of a sudden, there are people popping up and pretending that not only does the land exist, it belongs to them and they love it very, very much.

There's a lot more to it, but Feibush doesn't mince words either: “I have not and never will pay these fuckers."

· Point Breeze Developer Getting the Shakedown Over a Point Breeze Block [Philadelinquency]