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What, You Don't Like Wood? Asking Price Dips at 18th and Brandywine

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This five-bedroom building was designed by late local architect Frank Rushmore Watson in 1901, and boy, is it replete with period details. Look at all that wood! It seems like it'd be the perfect space for religious gatherings or 12-step meetings; that organ—does it come with the house?—seals the deal. The problem with the house—despite 3.5 floors, an in-law suite, pocket doors and built-ins—is the layout. Some of the rooms have an awkward shape, and the kitchen looks a little squished. Then there are the gas fireplaces, which people have extremely strong feelings about, and the mini kitchen on another floor that seems to have no purpose. Is that the reason the price was just chopped by $38,500?

Size: 5 beds, 3.5 baths, 3,360 square feet
Parking: Street
Outdoors: "Brick patio with flower garden"
Price: $ 731,500
· Listing: 554 North 18th Street [Long and Foster Devon]