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Bricklayer Dies Before House Is Finished

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Or perhaps the owner was planning to fix it up, but got tired, and decided to simply put it on the market.

The listing notes that Temple University's football field is in the back of this house—"at night the field lights up the block." Is this a good thing? You could take it one of two ways: It makes the street safer or it's incredibly annoying. Same with this: "The house is located next to two huge development projects, Diamond Green at 10th and Diamond; and Paseo Verde at 9th street between Berks and Norris street." That either makes this house a solid investment, or deafeningly loud with construction noise.

Because of the way the property line extends, the new owner could build an addition to the house, which, given its proximity to Temple, would maximize return on the investment. Sold as-is an in need of plenty of TLC.
· 2142 North Percy Street [Estately]

Temple University

1801 N Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122 215 204 7000