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Very Cool Loft Gives Us An Excuse to Say Shackamaxon

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Isn't "Shackamaxon" a great name for a street? It just sounds so fresh, so slap-you-in-the-face, wake-up-call bright. It also has a threatening ring to it if you'd like to use it that way: "If you don't lower your asking price, I'm gonna Shackamaxon you till you beg for mercy." This loft on Shackamaxon is actually a loft space instead of the "lofts" you so often read about in listings. Right now it's divided up into 2 and 2, but you can change that if you're not happy about it. Size: 2 beds, 2 baths, 2,143 square feet
Outdoors: Private roof deck; Juliet balconyCoo
Parking: street
Price: $450,000
Hoarder's bonus: freight elevator that opens to unit
· Listing: 1100-1106 Shackamaxon Street [Coldwell Banker Pref]