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Is This Kahn House Too Small to Sell for More Than a Million?

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As if it's not bad enough that Louis Kahn died in a train station, alone and unidentified; and that trash blows into Louis Kahn park when a particularly fast car speeds by; now his very beautiful and unique Esherick House in Chestnut Hill has come down in price again. Last summer it was at $1.9 million. It was then reduced to $1.5 million. Now, it's down $250,000 to $1.25 million.

When we first wrote about the house, one Curbed commenter was concerned about the high price point:

Although the architect is super well known, $1.5M for a 1 Bedroom home (even in high-ranking Chestnut Hill) is just too high for comfort. If it's taken this long to try and sell it, imagine what the next seller will be up against. We're wondering if taking the asking price below a million would help, though it seems criminal to do so. On the other hand, a much larger Frank Furness home is going up for auction in October at a starting bid of $750,000.
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