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All of a Sudden, 24th and Bainbridge Is Devil's Pocket Again

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A terrible thing happened. A Frankford man was robbed, duct-taped and handcuffed, and accosted. From's Breaking News Desk:

[The criminals] put him in a vehicle and drove him to 24th and Bainbridge and dumped him in the street near the South Philadelphia neighborhood known as Devil's Pocket. We hope the people who did this get caught. We would like to say, however, that we're a little surprised to see the neighborhood moniker "Devil's Pocket" rearing its Satanic head again. You can be pretty sure that every time a news outlet uses the antiquated term, real estate agents who sell "Graduate Hospital," "Southwest Center City," "South of South" or "Grays Ferry" wince.
And those who wince most? The Toll Brothers, who are in the process of bringing more luxury property (in addition to their Naval Square) and retail space to 24th Street and its intersections with South and Bainbridge. Why do we suspect the Inky won't call the area Devil's Pocket at that ribbon-cutting?

· Screaming man found duct-taped, bound on South Philly street []