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Home Designed By Architect Who Never Heard of AutoCAD

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In last week's Sunday Times, architect and Princeton professor Michael Graves bemoaned the art of architectural drawing, which has fallen prey to computer software like AutoCAD. "As I work with my computer-savvy students and staff today," Graves wrote, "I notice that something is lost when they draw only on the computer. It is analogous to hearing the words of a novel read aloud, when reading them on paper allows us to daydream a little, to make associations beyond the literal sentences on the page." One architect known for his expressive architectural drawings was Wilson Eyre Jr. (1898-1944), whose work is pictured above. Local residents will know him best from his design of the Penn Museum as well as the Mask & Wig Club on Quince Street. But most of his work—including the house we feature here—was residential.

Size: 5 beds, 6 baths, 6,616 square feet
Outdoors: Grounds with walled courtyard, swimming pool
Price: $$1,699,000
Extras: Wet bar, two fireplaces, balcony, two rec rooms
Bonus for couples who want to maintain the mystery: Separate bathrooms/sitting rooms

· Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing [New York Times]
· Listing: 220 Glenn Road, Ardmore [Estately]