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Drown Your Legal Sorrows at the Mütter Museum's Gift Shop Before You Flee Town and Head to Warmer Climes

BUSINESS WIRE—United Van Lines has released its annual moving report, and Philadelphia is in "the top cities families were moving from this peak moving season," coming in at No. 11. Where is everyone going? To Washington, D.C., it seems, though the cities seeing the biggest influx rather than outflux (and thus the most growth) are San Jose, Charlotte, Houston, Seattle, Dallas and Phoenix. Has no one heard of global warming?

TRAVEL + LEISURE—T+L named Philly's Mütter Museum gift shop as one of the "Coolest Museum Gift Shops in the World." The magazine, following Anthony Bourdain's lead, cites the "kooky" conjoined-twin cookie cutter as a highlight—and at only $6.50, quite a bargain too. [via philebrity]

U.S. CHAMBER INSTITUTE FOR LEGAL REFORM—Bad news for city and state businesses: According to the U.S. Chamber's latest Lawsuit Climate survey, when it comes to legal fairness to businesses, Philadelphia's courts rank fifth-worst in the nation. Pennsylvania doesn't fare much better: Its lawsuit climate is No. 40 out of 50. As with everything else, the blame for Pennsylvania's low ranking is being attributed to Philadelphia. Wah. [via PBJ]