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Giant Tower of Controversy in Old City Wants Your Vote

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Architect Peter Gluck had a bit of a rough time when he spoke recently with the Old City Civic Association about his design for the mixed-use residential property proposed for Second and Race. But Gluck and partners believe there are plenty of people in Philadelphia who want the project to come to fruition. To that end, they've set up a website with renderings of the building and a full explanation of the project concept, information that hasn't been easily accessible until now. If you like what you see, there's a petition to sign in support.

Address: 205 Race Street
Size: 14,000 square-foot retail space; 128 rentals
Breakdown: Studios: 39; 1 Bedrooms: 46; 2 Bedrooms: 43.
Building height: Roughly 200 feet
Green space: 9,400-square-foot roof garden; street plantings; street furniture
Parking: 34 underground spaces for residents

The building is not a done deal; a variance is required from the Zoning Board. The petition results will be presented at the Zoning Board hearing—unless, we suppose, no one signs it. Find that petition at

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