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Speaking of Tips, Will a Warehouse Be an Arthouse?

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A tipster we're calling the Real Housewife of Kensington wrote to us about the area around the 2700 block of Frankford Avenue. "There's a warehouse/loft type of building being rehabbed," says Housewife. "I hear it's going to be artist space. If so, this is the first time I've seen or heard of anything like it happening on the side of the 'tracks' in Kensington." Earlier this year Naked Philly also noted development along that stretch, in particular a warehouse near Somerset owned by Matthew Proud. At the time, Proud wasn't sure what he'd do with the building. Housewife has high hopes: "It seems that the push along Frankford Ave. might be pushing into this part of Kensington." [Curbed Tipline]