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Good News: You'll Never Have to Wait for a Shower Again

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Is waiting for a shower a bigger problem than we knew? It must be because this listing specifically says: "You'll never wait to use a shower again; two terrific full bathrooms include beautiful custom vanities that add the perfect touch." We prefer to focus on the perfect touches of the decor, which are reliably found in homes near Temple University: the Bob Marley posters, the neatly collected alcohol bottles, the Temple flag and the inevitable blow-up palm tree.

The prior occupants of this particular two-bathroom house were four party-hard college students and one very lonely Christmas tree. The tree doesn't even have any posters in its room. We're not saying it'd have to be an upside-down Lady Gaga poster, but something to spruce (ahem) the room up. Maybe this one?

Size: 2 baths, 3 beds, 1,014 square feet
Outdoor space: Roof deck
Price: $154,000
BrokerBabble: "Amazing stainless steel appliances"
· Listing: 1916 N. Uber Street [Keller Williams]