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Million-Dollar Loft Style Airlifted From New York to Philadelphia!

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"New York Style Loft"—that's how this combined three-unit space is described in its listing. But here's a philosophical question: If a loft is in Philadelphia—in the city's so-called Loft District—doesn't that make it, ipso facto, a Philadelphia-style loft? Moving on, the space has factory wood floors, exposed brick and a fancy kitchen (with a pancake griddle). In a surprising twist, the open, airy, en déshabillé loft has a walk-in California closet for the buyer who wants to seem devil-may-care but secretly hangs his ties in Pantone order. Speaking of cool New York style, the ramp to the street is "for the motorcycle enthusiast - ride that Harley right into your luxury loft."

Size: 4,500 square feet
Parking: 3-car garage
Extras: Towel warmer and heated floors in master bath
Price: $1.2 million
· Listing: 429 N. 13th Street #2EFG [Cityspace]